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Shop for Sale in Ponte San Pietro

189.000 €

For sale commercial building located in Ponte San Pietro (BG) in via Sabotino, corner of via Moioli. This is an independent building located in the north side of a larger commercial complex, previously used for the retail sale of food and textile clothing. The building ...

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  • C.E 
Industrial building for Sale in Fornovo San Giovanni

128.000 €

Portion of shed for sale in the Municipality of Fornovo San Giovanni (BG) in Via Cimosse / via degli Artigiani, 17. The industrial building is located within a larger complex arranged on a single floor above ground where there are properties with the same destination an ...

  • 310
  • C.E 
Industrial building for Sale in Cazzano Sant'Andrea

1.300.000 €

Cazzano Sant'Andrea (BG), via Giuseppe Mazzini 27. Shed for industrial-craft use of regular plant located in the peripheral area of ​​the Municipality about 2 km away from the city center, in a purely industrial fabric characterized by the presence of different real ...

  • 2.688
  • C.E 
Industrial building for Sale in Calcinate

650.000 €

Calcinate (BG), 1 5 / A. Craft for sale with an almost rectangular plan with adjoining office building. The area is mainly industrial / artisanal, the building is served by good roads and is about 6 km from the Grumello-Telgate motorway exit on the A / 4 Turin-Trieste. ...

  • 1.109
  • C.E 
Industrial building for Sale in Presezzo

1.653.210 €

For sale shed with office building located in Presezzo (BG), in via Giosuè Carducci n.5. The property is located on the eastern outskirts of the Municipality, in a predominantly residential area with some presence of management activities. The building was built in the ...

  • 4.070
  • C.E 
Industrial building for Sale in Rogno

443.288 €

Shed for sale located in Rogno (BG), via Montegrappa 26. The context is semi central with regular traffic. The area is urbanized and equipped with every service, characterized by production facilities, well connected to the center of the town and to the State Road 42 wh ...

  • 1.780
  • C.E 
Shop for Sale in Seriate

699.840 €

Tienda en venta ubicada en Seriate (BG), vía Italia 70. El contexto es central con tráfico regular. La zona está urbanizada, caracterizada por edificios, oficinas, otras actividades comerciales, equipadas con todos los servicios. La unidad es un complejo de edificios ...

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Shop for Sale in Grumello del Monte

141.000 €

The subject of this sale is a store with a warehouse in Grumello del Monte (BG), in Via Roma 117.The property is located in a semi-central area less than a kilometer from the historic center and directly overlooks Via Roma, the main crossing road of the municipality and ...

  • 166
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Industrial building for Sale in Gandino

784.688 €

The subject of this sale is a factory. The real estate unit is located in Gandino (BG), with access to via Opifici 39. The context is hilly. The area is located at the edge of the urbanized fabric, well connected to the town center and to B. The factory stands on a plot ...

  • 4.757
  • C.E